As you might have noticed Bvckup is in beta.

New features are added, existing functionality is tweaked and bugs are fixed. Further changes and improvements are introduced and discussed. New issues are reported, tracked and resolved.

The program is evolving, and we would like to keep you updated on what's going on.
We thrive on feedback.

Now and then we come up with new ideas for the app and your thoughts and opinions is what shapes them into the actual features.

If there is something that doesn't work well, sticks out or plain missing, we most certainly want to know about it.
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  • Upcoming features
  • Important bug reports
  • Early access to new versions
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  • Concise and always on-topic


This is the original version of Bvckup. It was written for Windows XP, last updated in 2010 and it's now well behind times. Use at your own risk, basically.
It has been superseded by Bvckup 2 - a faster and significantly more refined revision of the same idea. Have a look.