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By iridium  at  2010-07-05 18:03
I like the look of this and so far it works really well, thank you.

I must say though that I'm a little disappointed in Bvckup's future price :(

$20 is a lot of money for this sort of program and if it was priced more reasonably, say $10, I'm certain you'd have more purchases.

Thank you.
By apankrat  at  2010-07-07 17:29 Edited 2010-09-14 18:55
Thanks for the comment, iridium. Great to hear it is working well for you, always a plus :)

The pricing is not really set in stone, so if the $20 level is not going to work well, adjusting it downwards is always an option.

Additionally, and this is not really clear from looking at the front page, all existing beta users will receive free upgrade to the production version once it is out. I am of a firm opinion that the brave hearts willing to help with beta testing always deserve tangible appreciation tokens.

Also I am planning to keep the last beta release available for the download, so that those wanting to stay with a free version at the expense of some features could do just that.
By iridium  at  2010-07-08 07:20
Thanks for the reply!

It's great to see that you're flexible about the pricing for this. I'll recommend the full version to others.

And the free upgrade for beta users is fantastic, thanks again. I wish I had something to report but it just works for me without any problems so far - fingers crossed ;)



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