Released on October 14th, 2010

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If you are experiencing a problem with Bvckup, please first update to the latest available version and check if this resolves the issue.

If it does not, have a look at the Support Forums. Other people might have reported the same problem, and there might be a solution or an estimate for the fix.

If it is something new, let us know by posting new topic in an appropriate section of the forums.

During the beta period Forums are the preferred way of communication regarding technical support issues and general feedback.

Should you wish to contact us directly, the support email address is . We typically answer all emails within one working day or faster.

We are located in Vancouver, Canada and this puts us in Pacific timezone, 8 hours behind Greenwich. Please keep this in mind when expecting a reply.

This is the original version of Bvckup. It was written for Windows XP, last updated in 2010 and it's now well behind times. Use at your own risk, basically.
It has been superseded by Bvckup 2 - a faster and significantly more refined revision of the same idea. Have a look.